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I intend for this section to provide helpful tips from our members.

Newer members can look here for answers to some of their questions.

If there are topics you would like covered, let me know.

Please remember there is no "RIGHT" way to grow orchids.  What works for one is not guaranteed to work for another.  There are many factors which make up a beneficial  environment for a plant.  

Pick and choose from the various ideas.  Don't dismiss another's idea because you did not succeed with it (or perhaps have not even tried it).  And do NOT throw out what you do now just because someone else does it differently.   Put together a mixture of ideas that you can follow through with.

The most important idea that I hear all of the experts say is: "Orchids are like children;  spend some quality time with them every day."  Even in just a few minutes every day you will learn when they are sick or stressed (before you have an epidemic).  Their needs change as the seasons change.  Listen to them and they will tell you when they are happy and when they are not.

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