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Updated February  25, 2018.



Meetings are here ...195 4th St Nanaimo 

A MAP of the location can be found here

Welcome to the CVIOS site!

We are excited to share our passion in orchids. 

We meet monthly in Nanaimo BC Canada, September to June *. 

Beginners to veterans, come and share your success, questions and expertise.

Check  out our Facebook page at

Central  Vancouver  Island  Orchid  Orchid  Society


Futher meeting dates:

                        March  17

                        April  21                    May  (no meeting)               June  16 

                         September  22           October  20                 November  17

                          December  8  (xmas  party)      



A form to fill in the plant names to bring to the meeting can be downloaded here.

Meetings held  at                                                                                    

Harewood Activity Centre; 195     4th St  Nanaimo                A MAP of the location can be found here

          12:00 - 3:00 PM     

September to June



Click here to download the "BCOC Flower Classes"  to enter orchids in shows

L  anceps  var  Guerrero  'Joyce'

Growen  by  Mike  M.

For more pictures from February  click  here


Onc  Twinkle

Grown  by  Alexey  T.

For  more  pictures  from  January click  here



Masd  Swallow

Grown  by  Laurie  F.

For more pictures from October  click  here